Getting The Job

Getting a job may not be the most important thing in your life but it can seem like the most urgent. This is alright. It is also alright to express this urgency in an interview. If there are parts of your work that you appreciate, it is best to talk about those parts. If any part or parts of your last job brought you joy it is more than okay to talk about those things with your interviewer.
We cannot be there with you at the interview but we can be there with you in spirit. We have interviewed many people ourselves. Believe it when we say that all businesses are looking to have happy employees.

Many conferences and programs are geared toward creating happy employees. Believe us when we say that every manager looks for a degree of happiness when he decides who to hire.
You do not need to fake this. We do not believe there to be any room for lies in an interview. Simply talking more about the parts of your job that made you happy will get the message across.

Talk about the functions that you fulfilled that you enjoyed, talk about the people you liked at your old job. Talk about the thing or things that you liked most about your boss. And if you can find something nice to say about the job that you are hoping to get don't keep that a secret either.

Tell the interviewer what you think you will like about the new job. What will bring you joy about this new company? Is it close to your house? Have they invented something useful for humanity? What will keep you happy for years to come if you get hired?

Your chances of getting hired will shoot up immensely because this is what interweaving is all about: finding out who will make a happy, healthy and productive employee and who will turn out to be angry and hard to manage.