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Today at resume Boca Raton we are offering a FREE 15 minute consultation on creating your new winning resume and cover letter.

This offer is available today only: 4/26/2016

Most people have difficulty deciding what to include in a new resume, especially if they have been out of the job market for a few years.  Formatting your new resume may be the most difficult yet most important part of the process.  Give us a call and we can discuss the most important points.  If you have been out of the job market for any reason or haven't needed a resume for a few years, it is important to upgrade your resume.  Not every one works in an industry where using templates, word-processing and computers are second nature.  At resume Boca Raton, we understand this.  We are here to help and relieve the stress that job applicants can feel while trying to create a resume.

Your resume Boca Raton expert will patiently listen to you to gather information about where you have been and what your goals are for the future.  Where are you headed?  What are your most important qualifications?  These are questions that your resume Boca Raton expert will have answered during a phone consultation.  Most people, when they contact us, tell us what a hard time they have been having putting together their resume.  This information is not new to us.  Most people are not resume experts because they either have not put together more than two or three resumes during their careers or they haven't put together a resume at all.

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As our economy is rebounding,  there are more jobs to choose from.  A new resume is important to have to take with you when you apply for a new job.  The resume is the first thing that a manager sees, without a resume, it is impossible to get a call back or an interview.

The person doing the hiring gets a first impression about an applicant through the resume.  A professional look is more important than ever, in order to stand out.  Managers today do not have as much time to read a resume as they had a decade ago.  Decisions are made quickly.  The resume that an applicant presents must look impeccable.  It must be organized well and it must bring more to the table than a list of dates  and the descriptions of the jobs held in past years.

Most resumes from the past five or ten years are too wordy and repetitious to be acceptable in today's job market.  Our service is listed on the internet as Resume, Boca Raton, FL but winning resumes have the same characteristics in every city in the country.  Winning  resumes have a professional look, they are well organized, they are free of repetition.   Winning resumes bring the attention of a hiring manager to the qualifications of the applicant right away.