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When I worked in Human Resources I received and read over hundreds of resumes. These ranged in level from Administrative Support all the way up to Senior level. Filtering through resumes, daily, made me realize that most people don’t have a full grasp on how to write an eye-catching, professional resume. This can be a very difficult task because job-seekers do not realize what layout to use, how to properly organize job experience and education and what data not to include. As professional resume writers we understand when information is relevant and can ensure that your resume contains only the vital information needed and that it is worded to make you look like the most qualified applicant for the job.

Although a resume may seem like a simple document, it is far from that!  It is very difficult to get your resume noticed by a professional who is looking through dozens or even hundreds of resumes.  Don't ask your wife or nephew: write my resume.  And do not show up to an interview with an old, vague, and out of date resume.  An expert will write a resume that will not be comparable to what you can do on your own.  It will be beyond what a family member can do.  We know exactly how to design you a resume that will get you to that coveted next step, getting the job.

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You can have the job you want.  You can showcase your qualifications, your education and your experience to new employers.  You can get noticed.  There is expert help available.  We will give you a quick resume review, a fresh, new and up-to-date template, and we will reword your qualifications, job history and education to make you look like the most qualified person for the job.  We will also give you a quick resume turn around. If you have an important interview or an agent is expecting to see you first thing in the morning, we can create your new resume quickly.  We can gather the information from you before 5 PM and by the same afternoon or the next morning, you can be out job hunting.  A professional look and attitude will speak very loudly to the hiring manager or HR specialist.